AROUND 20 per cent of people of “national security concern” who went to fight in Syria and Iraq have been killed - according to a Bradford Council report.

The report into the Prevent strategy, which will be discussed by the Corporate Scrutiny Committee next week, details how around 900 British people have fled the country to fight for extremist groups like ISIS.

A number of people from the Bradford area are believed to have travelled to Syria, although the report only includes national figures.

They show that 40 per cent have returned to the UK, but are deemed a “low security concern.” The most dangerous fighters are thought to have remained in the Middle East.

The report says: “Around 900 people of national security concern travelled from the UK to engage in the conflict in Syria and Iraq.

“Of these, approximately 20 per cent have been killed in that conflict, and around 40 per cent have returned to the UK.

“The vast majority of those returned are deemed to be of low security concern.

"It is assessed that many of the most dangerous individuals remain in Syria.

"The Home Secretary has made it clear that he will use all legal powers available to prevent the return to the UK of those who have travelled to support terrorist organisations abroad.”