STUDENTS are again choosing to miss school today to take party in a nationwide protest calling for more to be done to tackle climate change.

Young people from across the district will be descending on Centenary Square in the city centre from 11am to voice their concerns about the lack of action government and politicians are taking to try and curb the issue of climate change.

Many will miss a day of lessons to take part in the protest, something which drew criticism from Shipley MP Philip Davies during the last protest last month.

One parent, whose two children will be taking part in the protest in Bradford today is Katie Jones, and she said she fully supports her two children’s decision to miss school to take part.

She said: “My two children are aged nine and 11.

“They both go to school in Shipley, and I went to the last strike as a parent, and when I told them more about it they were interested in coming to this one.

“They are worried about the future of the environment and they don’t feel like adults are doing enough to address the issue.

“I support them fully and I have written to their school to explain why they are missing lessons today.”

One school in Baildon said it “sympathises” with students and their worries about climate change, but is “unable to support” the strike.

Instead, Titus Salt School is holding an event in the school on the issue with representatives from Friends of the Earth and Green Councillor Dr Kevin Warnes, to educate students further on the causes and consequences of climate change, and how they can share the message in the wider community.

In January, Bradford Council declared a ‘climate emergency’, and Cllr Warnes has said he is keen to take the ideas and thoughts of young people to the Council to ensure their opinions form part of the actions Bradford Council takes.

The school said: “As a school, we sympathise with the objectives of this action we are unable to support it as we believe that the best place for our pupils to learn about climate change is in school.

“Instead of pupils missing a day’s education we are offering an opportunity for pupils from across the school to be involved in a climate change workshop.”

Following last month’s strikes, Philip Davies, Conservative MP said the strike should have been held on a weekend as children “legally have to go to school in this country”.

He also criticised Labour candidate for Shipley, Jo Pike, for “condoning truancy” by supporting the strikes.

Ms Pike criticised Mr Davies for “cconsistently voting against measures to protect the environment”, and “ignoring scientific evidence”.

She also called Mr Davies “no defender of young people or education”.

Strikes are taking place tomorrow in cities across the world as part of the School Strike 4 Climate movement.