Hitting the headlines once again in March 1969, was another icy blast of sudden unpredicted weather which had turned the West Riding area into a Siberian wasteland. Bus services had been badly delayed, roads were blocked, hundreds of cars abandoned, and thousands were late for work. One Bradford businessman had driven his car into the John Street park. After pulling out a pair of skis from the boot, he was last seen heading in the direction of his Cheapside office.

With the roads scattered with abandoned vehicles, many had given up the long wait for buses preferring to walk, which was by far the quickest way to travel. Carr Lane was the most affected area, restricted to one-way traffic.

In Clayton, a road bridge over the railway line in Station Road, had collapsed adding more chaos to the city traffic. And a disruption of the school meals service meant that many of the districts school children had to go without lunch.

For those sensible enough to stay indoors it was a choice of either Top of the Pops, followed by Softly, Softly, on BBC1, or “Tip On A Dead Jockey,” starring Robert Taylor and Dorothy Malone on Yorkshire.