BRADFORDIANS who sold their homes under the Right to Buy scheme made an average profit of £15 a day, new research has found.

Data provided by the BBC showed the impact of the Right to Buy policy – under which council tenants had the chance to buy their house at a discount - introduced by former Primer Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1980.

Figures found the average people made per day was below the England average of £26 a day, while the average number of days between someone purchasing and sale of the home was 3,094.

Across Yorkshire and the Humber, the figures showed the longest time someone kept their ex-council home before selling was 11,630 days (31.9 years).

The home, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, was bought in November 1984 and sold on again in October 2016 for £89,950.

Seven people in the region bought their ex-council home and sold it again within one week.