A HEROIN addict who bit an off-duty police officer who was chasing after him for shoplifting has been jailed for two years.

Tyrone Kerr, 23, repeatedly flouted a five-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CRIMBO) by stealing from the Co-op in High Street, Queensbury, and from Lidl in Carr House Road, Shelf.

Kerr, of no fixed address, had previous convictions for assaulting the police, battery, causing actual bodily harm and shop theft, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Alisha Kaye said he was caught stealing meat from the Co-op on October 3 and 24 last year after he was barred from the shop by the CRIMBO.

On February 14, he was seen in Lidl wearing a black woolly hat, also in breach of the order that stated he was not to go into any store wearing a hood or hat that might serve as a disguise.

When challenged by the off-duty police officer, Kerr bit him on the stomach, the court was told.

The officer also suffered cuts and grazes in the struggle to apprehend Kerr and he feared he had contracted Hepatitis C from him, Miss Kaye said.

After Kerr was arrested, he made no comment to all questions asked by the police.

In May, 2017, Kerr was locked up for 28 months after biting a lorry driver who held on to him as he fled with a jar of coffee stolen from Wibsey convenience store.

Kevin McCreath was awarded £200 for detaining Kerr who was being pursued by a female member of staff.

Kerr pleaded guilty to theft and to causing Mr McCreath actual bodily harm. He repeatedly spat at him, pulled his hair and threw stones and dust at him before biting him on the arm, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Mr McCreath continued to hang on to the violently struggling Kerr until the police arrived to arrest him.

Kerr’s solicitor advocate, Ashok Khullar, said on Monday that his client did not have Hepatitis C but he accepted the anxiety caused to the victim.

Kerr, who was on prison licence at the time and had since been recalled to jail, was a heroin addict who had been unable to access Methadone in the days following his release.

He turned again to Class A drugs, stealing meat to fund his drug habit.

Mr Khullar said Kerr was making good use of his time in prison. He attended textile classes and education courses.

“He is capable of using his time productively in the future if he can control his drug use,” Mr Khullar stated.