TWO BRADFORD postcodes are in the top four nationwide for the percentage of their drivers who have penalty points on their licence.

And the high placing of 14 city postcodes makes Bradford the worst city in the UK for drivers with the most penalty points according to Regtransfers.

The company has analysed the latest figures from the Department of Transport.

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In third place, BD9 has 13,655 drivers with a full licence and 1,728 of them have penalty points on their licence, a rate of 12.7%.

In BD13, which is fourth, of the 17,885 drivers with a full licence, 2,220 of them have penalty points, a proportion of 12.4%.

A total of 12% of 14,415 drivers in BD4 had points on their licence and 11.5% of 5,128 in BD14.

BD8, BD3 and BD12 are close behind on 11.5% of 5,128 drivers, 11.4% of 12,429 and 11.3% of 12,163 respectively while the figures for BD15, BD2, BD7, BD5 and BD1 are all about 11% and for BD10 and BD6 the figures are 10.7%.

Bradford makes up a quarter of the top 59 postcodes.

YO3 was the best postcode in Yorkshire and the Humber at 2.4%.

Just in January, the T&A revealed that Bradford drivers are still lagging behind the national average when it comes to passing their practical driving test.

Driving instructor Ayub Khan suggested that this might be a result of learner drivers in the area often being taught by family members, due to finances, resulting in picking up bad habits that prevent them from passing.

The worst postcode in the country is TS2 in Cleveland of whose 353 drivers, 48 have points on their licence, a total of 13.6%.

Three postcodes in Taunton, Somerset, appear in the top 10. Regtransfers said that while this may be an indication of poor driving in the area, the increased number of drivers with penalty points may also be as a result of particularly efficient speed cameras in the area.

Five camera sites in the Avon and Somerset area have captured almost 135,000 speeding drivers between 2016 and 2018, making them the most active speed cameras in the country.

Other notable mentions in the top ten worst postcode districts in the UK include the Scottish city of Perth, of which two postcode districts (PH35, PH39) feature, and Bristol who also have two postcode districts featured (BS13, BS40).

Rick Cadger, of Regtransfers, said: “It’s interesting to see that the top 10 worst postcode districts in the UK are spread across only five cities. There appears to be an equal divide of north and south postcodes in the top ten with five of the top ten postcodes emerging from the West Country, and the other five from more northern cities such as Cleveland, Perth and Bradford.

"Whilst the number of points on a driver’s licence may be an indicator of poor driving, it’s interesting to consider factors such as road standards, the quality of driving education and the degree of road law enforcement in the area.”

Regtransfers said that penalty points are costing UK drivers over £132 million a year in higher insurance premiums, and last year 1.45 million UK motorists took part in retraining courses after committing driving offences to avoid accumulating points and a fine.

Over 2.6 million motorists in the UK currently hold penalty points on their licence.