A CYCLIST who has never touched a drop of alcohol is celebrating her 100th birthday.

Eva Sharp turned 100 yesterday and spent the day with her family at home in St Paul's Avenue, Birkenshaw.

She was born on March 12, 1919 at 311 Bolling Hall Road and spent all her working life at Cawthra’s Mill, in Dudley Hill, starting as a dropper and then moving on to be in charge of 10 weaving looms.

She was a keen gardener and also enjoyed reading, sewing and knitting.

Her real passion was cycling and she was part of the Telegraph & Argus's Nig-Nog Club, which ran cycling, swimming and football clubs, before moving into the ranks of East Bradford CC and West Bradford CC, where her husband Tom was also a member.

They married in 1943 and spent many happy days cycling far and wide, often covering more than 100 miles in a day’s outing.

Eva and Tom lived together for a number of years in Hunsworth Lane, East Bierley, before moving to her present bungalow in Birkenshaw, where she has remained for more than half a century.