SIMON Clemmett, who teaches Design Technology at Hanson School, was nominated for Secondary Teacher of the Year by one of his students, showing the impact he has at the school.

As well as teaching DT, Mr Clemmett is also the STEM coordinator at the school, and the lead on the F1 in Schools project at the school, which has been successful in recent years.

Year 11 student Ryan Spinks was full of praise for his teacher.

He said: “I have been a part of the STEM Challenge ever since I joined the school in Year 7.

“Mr Clemmett runs the challenge in our school and devotes most of his personal time to us and the challenge.

“He even came into school on a Saturday so we were able to continue work and finish to our deadline.

“His commitment hasn’t gone unnoticed, and as a team we cannot find a way to express to him and his family how much we value and appreciate his time, effort and commitment throughout the years.

“We have developed as people and gained heaps of confidence with thanks to him. We wouldn’t be the people we are now without Mr Clemmett, therefore we are all so thankful for him and his family’s understanding and kind hearts to allow him to pledge his family time to us.”