RAMLAH Qureshi has been shortlisted for the Star Student award for her two year commitment to raising awareness to the plight of people in suffering, and being a role model to her peers.

The Grange Technology College student, who is a hugely talented artist, completed an Ambassador Programme run by the Home Office.

She focused her project on the plight of Rohingya refugees in Myanmar, and their treatment in the southeast Asian nation.

Rebecca Fox, head of post-16 at Grange, said: “Ramlah is a fantastic student that has worked extremely hard over the past two years.

“She is a determined, focused young lady that shows passion for her subjects and also for the causes she believes in.

“Ramlah is a role model to 1,800 students’ at Grange and she’s an example to all that hard work will lead to achievement. We are very proud of everything that she has and will achieve in the future.

“She shows dedication and does all the right things, and other students look up to her and see she excels in everything you does, it tells them if you are dedicated you will achieve anything.”

Ramlah hopes the nomination will give her the change to show her artworks to a wider audience.