JOSEPH Midwood has overcome a number of obstacles in his life to be where he is now.

The Shipley College student, who has impaired sight, is on the autism spectrum and has cerebral palsy, is on the college’s Supports Internship Programme, and has been working at a major employer for one year.

The past 12 months of work have improved his confidence massively, and he has also inspired others.

Rachel Hoyland, from Shipley College said: “As a supported intern his confidence has gone through the roof.

“He has settled in well and has been completing some challenging IT based tasks which have made a very positive contribution to his employer.

“Joseph learned to travel independently for the first time in his life after being told previously that he didn’t have the prerequisite skills to embark on training.

“He is very committed and loves his work with the team, and in January he was taken on in a paid capacity working as a data technician three days a week.

“This proves that given the right job, appropriate support and a positive mindset you can reach your potential and make yourself and those around you incredibly proud. We look forward to following Joseph on his journey.”