THE first nominee for this new award is Grange Technology College’s Megan Wilkinson.

Megan said the school is like her “second home” and teachers are like “family”, who she can talk to about any problems she is having.

She has made a successful start to life in secondary school, picking up a number of awards, and also an award from the headteacher for being a ‘True Granger”.

She also dreams of being a paramedic in the future.

Donna Manning, from Grange, said: “Megan has been awarded seven subject badges already after joining us in Year 7, and is the leader of her year.

“She is a credit to all her teachers and always exceeds in her lessons without any problems.

“Megan is a star student who I think should be acknowledged for this award for all her hard work despite the different health issues which she has to deal with on a day-to-day basis. She hasn’t just sat back and thought, ‘I have enough badges’, she wants to do more and better herself.”

Kevin Shields, pastoral manager for Year 7, added: “Megan is without doubt one of the best behaved students we have in Year 7.

“We have a lot of well behaved students in the year group, but Megan stands out because of the achievements she’s made so far.”