COMMUNITY involvement is not always about taking the school out into the community, it is also about bringing the local community into the school.

This is what Sophie Brennan, from Ryecroft Primary Academy in Holme Wood, has been doing, to benefit both pupils and community groups.

She has brought the local church, St Christopher’s, into the school to enhance children’s learning and understanding of religion, with visits to the church as both part of the curriculum and also to boost learning about Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter.

She also ensures pupils have experiences with other religions and visits to other places of worship, which is important in the area of Holme Wood.

This work on religious understanding was noted in a recent Ofsted inspection at the school, when it was rated Good two-and-a-half years after it was rated inadequate.

Ofsted said: “Pupils are being well prepared for life in modern Britain.

“Pupils demonstrate tolerance, respect and a growing understanding of people who are different from themselves.”

Aimi Walton, who nominated Ms Brennan, added: “Sophie makes it really easy for us to work with the school.”