OFTEN an area which can hold children back, particularly in deprived areas, is the home support children receive in their education.

At Killinghall Primary School, Shaheen Khan is taking a proactive approach to tackle this issue and get the best results for students and their families.

Sabrina Hayat, who put Ms Khan forward for the award, said she has been an “inspiration” to the school.

She said: “Shaheen has encouraged parents to take an active role and improve themselves too.

“She arranges classes for parents, such as English classes or cooking classes for parents and children.

“She also motivates parents. As a part of the Killinghall Parents’ group she has encouraged us to branch to other avenues too and her encouragement has made us stronger.

“Her door is always open for anyone who wants a chat and she has always pointed us in the right direction.”

One of the parents she helped said: “She pushes you past your boundaries.

“Shaheen’s quality is she sees something in you and believes you can do it. She will push you further, and you can’t say no to Shaheen.”

Ms Khan added: “Seeing families come to us in nursery and grow through to Year 6 is so rewarding.”