THIS new teacher has certainly made a powerful start to his teaching career.

A Bradford for Teaching recruit, Peel Park Primary School’s Callum Power has been described as a “force of nature” in his nomination.

As well as teaching, he has spoken passionately about the Bradford district on an international stage.

Lloyd Mason-Edwards, headteacher at Peel Park, put Mr Power forward for the Newcomer award.

He said: “Callum is a force to be reckoned with.

“In his first year of teaching he has become an international advocate for teaching in Bradford, standing up in front of numerous audiences and extolling the virtues of Bradford and its wonderful children.

“In school his motivation and enthusiasm are infectious. His teaching is dynamic, inspirational and often ‘whacky’ and he has all the children in his class engaged and making progress; so much so several parents have approached me asking if their child can be in his class next year.

“He is a very caring soul, not only for the children in his class but to new colleagues too - always checking in on them to ensure they are OK.

“I thoroughly believe Callum deserves this because of his positive impact not just on our school but teaching in Bradford too.”