BETONY Camm, who teaches English at Bradford Forster Academy, has been nominated for Secondary Teacher of the Year for “going the extra mile”.

In her nomination, Ms Camm praised for her work inside the classroom and out, and one of her nominators said “observing her lessons should be a core part of teacher training”.

Fellow English teacher Josh Blackham put Ms Camm forward for the award, describing her as “an absolute rock” in his first term at the school.

He said: “She not only fulfils her role in supporting me and guiding me, she also goes the extra mile when supporting my creative ideas.

“She has become so much more than just a mentor, but is a true friend and a role model.

“Observing her lessons is an experience everybody should enjoy, and should be a core part of teacher training. Her combination of behaviour management and classroom teaching is a joy to watch, and I’m extremely lucky to have her as a coach this year.”

She was also nominated by Emma Conroy, who added: “Betony is the most amazing person to work with. She always has a smile on her face, she is dedicated to her work and providing a high standard of education to all students she teaches.”