COMPLETING 5,575,713 steps - some of them in nine countries - is an incredible fundraising feat.

Chris Beard’s list of statistics is certainly impressive even down to the six pairs of trainers he has worn out during his 3,000 mile challenge.

‘Two tired legs and one happy man’ - the final inclusions on Chris’ statistics list - are indicative of the relief of completing this particularly poignant fundraiser in memory of his brother Matt.

Diagnosed with cancer in October 2017, Matt died three months later - he was only 46.

Chris, who lives in Cottingley near Bradford, recalls his brother went to the doctor after coughing up some blood - but by that stage the cancer had already spread and was inoperable.

Eager to do something in Matt’s memory, Chris embarked on his 3,000 mile challenge which saw him running and walking 3,012 miles in 324 days.

Since initially pulling on his green tabard to raise money for the cancer charity, Macmillan, four years ago, Chris has raised £7,000.

Although at that time Chris had no personal experience of the charity, he was aware of the valuable work they do helping people with cancer and their families with physical, financial and emotional support - and participating in fundraising runs with the charity he says he always felt part of a team and enjoyed the camaraderie.

But this time Chris’ fundraising mission for the charity was particularly poignant as he was running in his brother’s honour.

“I only got into running in my late 30s. I decided I wanted to do something a bit more healthy and lose a bit of weight and there are fantastic places to run in and around West Yorkshire, really beautiful places along the canals and up the hills. It became a bit of a passion,” says Chris, talking about his introduction to running.

As a manager for the engineering team at the technology company, Arris, Chris’ work often takes him to other countries - but he didn’t let his travels stop his challenge and seized every opportunity he could to run and walk anywhere he was in the world, taking in the sights of some iconic locations too such as Sydney Habour, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan - where he experienced a 40 degree heatwave, India, Spain and Sweden.

Averaging 273 miles per month, Chris also completed 115 marathons, including the Yorkshire Marathon - one of the more memorable challenges as Chris recalls:- “It was October and it rained, not heavily. I was jumping puddles and it was all ok and then it came down - and it really came down - the roads became a river.

“I got soaked to the skin, it became hard to do but I felt good that it was difficult because that pain is easier to deal with than the grief,” says Chris, referring to coping with the loss of his brother who, he recalls ‘had a heart of gold.’

“It made me want to run faster and harder and I came in in three hours and 33 minutes - it took 20 minutes off my previous best time and I felt I was doing it for Matt. I wanted to do him proud and I felt I wanted to put my energy into it.”

The 44-year-old is hoping that by sharing his own personal story, he will inspire others to fundraise for charities such as Macmillan.

“I want to encourage others to do the same and do fundraising for a charity like Macmillan because they do such valuable work. That is what I am hoping people will take away from it - they can do it and they can also raise money, not just for Macmillan but other charities as well,” says Chris, who cannot thank his supporters enough, including his work colleagues, for their generosity, encouragement and support - and he knows his brother would have been proud of him.

“I think he would have been proud and the support I have had from Macmillan and from my colleagues from Arris, they have been fund matching, they have been very generous,” says Chris. “It is a great company and has been so supportive.”

Adele Hopkins, the local fundraising manager for Macmillan, says “Thank you Chris! You are truly AMAZING and it has been wonderful to follow your challenge and see you smash your target, and I am looking forward to the next one.

“The difference you have made to people affected by cancer is just incredible thank you so much.”

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By Sally Clifford