A RAPIST'S Facebook account has been closed down after it was updated less than a week after he was jailed for 17 years.

Parvaze Ahmed, 36, of Farcliffe Road, Bradford, was found guilty of three charges of rape after a lengthy trial at Bradford Crown Court involving seven other men accused of grooming and sexually exploiting two vulnerable girls.

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Ahmed, whose name appeared as 'Jimmy Khan' on the social networking site, is believed to have updated his account on Tuesday.

His account showed a shared photograph of himself and another man from September last year with the caption, "Brotherhood. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE."

Several of his friends were quick to 'like' and 'love' the post, with one of them saying he was 'looking good'.

The Telegraph & Argus were alerted to the post by concerned members of the public and we contacted the Ministry of Justice.

One resident said: "It's not right he has a phone.

"His account should not be active to post anything after his crime."

A Prison Service spokesperson added: “We do not tolerate the use of mobile phones in prisons and the account has been removed from Facebook at our request.

“Anyone found with a mobile phone faces extra time behind bars and we are spending £2 million to detect and block them from being used.”

The revelation has shocked two Bradford district MPs.

Naz Shah, MP for Bradford West, said: "If he has access to his Facebook in prison and is able to contribute to social media, it's pretty bad.

"Prison is a punishment and this doesn't look like a punishment to me.

"If it's him updating from his prison cell then that really does smack in the face of justice and makes a mockery of the system.

"It doesn't send out a good message.

"It's pretty despicable."

Philip Davies, MP for Shipley, who has repeatedly spoken out about the criminal justice system, said it would be disappointing for Ahmed's victims to see.

He added: "It's completely unacceptable and all it does is reinforce the public's perception that the prison regime is too lax and out of control.

"It's a kick in the teeth for the victims.

"I appreciate prisoners can be ingenious about how they get things into prison, but the current situation is unacceptable.

"Well done to the Telegraph & Argus for following it up and getting the account closed down, but we shouldn't have to rely on newspapers to get this resolved.

"It should be something the prison service is on top of.

"These people are absolutely vile and prison is the only place for them.

"People believe and expect prison should be a punishment and this will only reinforce that prison isn't the punishment it should be."

This is not the first time Bradford criminals have been caught using mobile phones in prison.

Fury erupted in October last year when photographs emerged on social media of Bradford criminals posing in their cell while at the privately run HMP Doncaster jail.

One of the selfies has been liked 30 times and when one friend comments “hope you boys are well”, he is told they are “kickin back my son.”

The group photograph was found on one of the men’s Facebook pages and received 86 ‘likes’.

One comment claims ‘The lads are back together again’ and another asks “How have you seriously not been caught with that phone yet?”

Earlier in 2018 pictures posted on social media featured three men, from Bradford, taking a selfie while wearing their Community Payback vests and each holding a can of Carling lager.

The caption on the picture read: “Might as well have a few on unpaid work.”