BRADFORD magician Dynamo has hit out after a national newspaper described him as "fighting fit", saying "the way someone looks isn't necessarily an indicator of health".

Dynamo - whose real name is Steven Frayne and hails from Delph Hill - was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease almost 20 years ago.

Last March, he shared a video explaining his health problems brought on by a bout of food poisoning, which led to him gaining weight.

Today, a national newspaper shared paparazzi photos of Dynamo walking his dog, exclaiming he was looking "fighting fit as he continues to battle with Crohn’s disease".

It said he "looked slim and healthy after gaining weight due to the illness" and "appears to be winning the fight" against Crohn's

Responding to the article, Dynamo tweeted: "Hey @MetroUK, I’m doing better thanks, but as any Crohns/RA sufferer will you tell you, the way someone looks isn’t necessarily a great indicator of health.

"Like many others, there are times when I look great but feel like absolute dog sh*t and vice versa!"

Crohn's disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease, the cause of which is currently unknown.

Weight loss is a symptom of the disease and it can also cause arthritis, something Dynamo said last year he now suffers from in "all the joints in my body" and can also cause body rashes.