TWO of the defendants in the Bradford grooming gang case have pleaded guilty to plotting to supply drugs and to convey phones into prison during the course of the trial.

Naveed Akhtar, 43, of Newport Place, Manningham, Bradford, and Fahim Iqbal, 28, of Quarry Road, Westtown, Dewsbury, were caught committing the offences on February 4.

Akhtar was on bail at the time and Iqbal was in custody serving a sentence.


Both pleaded guilty yesterday afternoon to conspiring with each other and with others to supply cannabis, a Class B drug, and Buprenorphine, a Class C drug.

The pair also admitted conspiring to bring, throw or otherwise convey an article, namely mobile phones, into or out of HMP Leeds.

The grooming trial was halted for several hours while the matters were investigated by the police in the court building.

Akhtar and Iqbal will be sentenced on March 20.