PUPILS at Burley Oaks Primary School have launched a social enterprise to recycle unused bicycles.

The ‘cycle-recycle’ scheme comes 18 months after the school opened a £30,000 cycle track at its large site on Langford Lane. It was funded by the school’s PTA and opened by top competitive cyclist Jess Learmonth.

Head teacher Claire Lee said: “We have invested enormously in a cycle track for our children which is an amazing asset to our school and is improving both fitness levels and interest in cycling. We are now incorporating cycling into our curriculum and teaching children skills and building stamina even for our youngest children.

“This latest cycling project enhances this further by developing a social enterprise run by the children, teaching them about socially positive businesses and the environmental impact of recycling whilst improving their health and fitness. We will welcome donations of unused or outgrown bikes (that are roadworthy or fixable) to school. The children themselves will be involved in cleaning and repair of the bikes through lunchtime and afterschool clubs. These bikes will be sold at affordable prices to our school community to raise funds for the parts that will be needed such as spare tyres, chains, brake pads etc.”

The school’s health mentor Brian Padden and Linus Naylor, the site manager, are the two key people involved in supporting the children in the project.

Brian said: “The children love using the bike track; this new cycling initiative is a fantastic way to focus children on how we can help build communities which work for each other which is at the heart of social enterprises. The other benefit will be more of our pupils cycling regularly which fits into my role in school in improving both physical and mental health through exercise.”