A sign outside the Clayton's Catch chippy promises "probably the best haddock and chips you've tasted," and it has a five-star rating on Google reviews.

But when environmental health officer Sandra Walbran visited on November 27 last year, her visit led to the business being given the lowest possible food hygiene rating of zero - one of only six in Bradford currently to hold this rating.

The T&A has obtained a copy of Ms Walbran's inspection report through Freedom of Information legislation, and it makes for uneasy reading - although owner Tez Kang told us that the inspection took place at "the worst possible time", when he was cleaning up after a vandal attack the night before.

Staff were found not wearing protective clothing, and the business has been warned that it must not allow smoking on the premises.

Cleanliness was also an issue. "The equipment throughout must be thoroughly cleaned," the report says. "This includes stainless steel tables, rumbler, chipper, fryer, wash basins etc. This list is NOT exhaustive."

Mr Kang, whose business enjoyed the top hygiene rating of 5 before November's inspection, said: "When she came for the inspection my shop had had its windows put through the night before. We weren't open, the police had told us to close up and go home and we were just cleaning away the broken glass.

"Then she turned up at 10 o'clock. She was lovely, and she was just doing her job. She said since she was already there we should do the inspection anyway."

Other issues highlighted during the inspection include a freezer in need of defrosting and a toilet with no means of drying hands - and in need of repainting.

The section of the assessment on 'confidence in management' could not be completed "due to FBO [food business operator] and his state at the time of the visit," the report says.

Mr Kang said: "I was in a bit of a state because when I get anxious I start to slur my words and I had had a very stressful morning."

Mr Kang said that he had done a "five hour deep clean" of the premises and a follow-up inspection had been carried out on December 21 at which he had been told that he "had nothing to worry about", and is confident of regaining the top rating of 5 in the near future.