IT is going to take 12 weeks to clear the thousands of tonnes of concrete from the newly-demolished Jacob’s Well site.

Thomas Crompton, whose eponymous firm was in charge of the demolition of the former Council building in the city centre, said the clear up operation of the site is going to take three months to complete.

The nine-storey Jacob’s Well building, which was built in the 1970s, was razed to the ground at around midday on Sunday, with more than 500 explosions carried out perfectly to demolish the building.

Over the next 12 weeks, 1,500 lorry loads of rubble will be packed up and cleared from the site, each carrying 20 tonnes of concrete.

The 30,000 tonnes of concrete will be re-used said Mr Crompton.

He said: “All the concrete is going to be recycled and will be going into other contracts we have.

“It will be used in roads and housing developments all across Yorkshire.

“I was very happy with the demolition, it went perfectly. It was meticulously planned and executed to the letter and everything went well.

“We didn’t have a single broken window or flagstone in the highway, so it was a good all round job.

“We did a lot of extra planning, we went above and beyond with our planning and pre-weakening of the building, we made sure we got everything bang on so it all went 100 per cent according to plan.

“We worked with a lot of agencies to sure it all went right.

“Now we will clear the site and then do the topsoil, and then it’s onto the next job.”

Early on Sunday morning, nearby residents were evacuated from their homes and a 250 metre exclusion zone set up around the building.

A siren was sounded 15 minutes before the demolitions, and the sound of the 500 simultaneous explosions could be heard across the city and even by some people in Leeds.

The decision to demolish Jacob’s Well to make way for a future development was made by Bradford Council in 2017.

The Council said it would provide savings on utilities and running costs which could be better used elsewhere.

The 1,700 members of staff who were based in the Jacob’s Well building have since moved to other offices, such as Margaret McMillan Tower, Sir Henry Mitchell House, and Britannia House.

Bradford Council has said that the site could be home in the future to a new £20 million public sector hub.