AN IMAM will not face any further police action over allegations which resulted in him leaving his position over claims of gross misconduct.

A recording of a meeting between Imam Asim Hussain, of the Al-Hikam Institute, in Fairweather Green, and concerned scholars from his community, was leaked online last week and contained details of allegations against the Imam.

Yesterday West Yorkshire Police confirmed that it was no longer investigating the allegations and the force would not be taking any further action.

The meeting between Iman Hussain and scholars took place in Birmingham, and involved a number of men putting allegations to Mr Hussain.

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However, a force spokesman said: “West Yorkshire Police has previously made enquiries into the matters raised at this meeting.  “These established that there were no incidents which required further investigation by this force.”

The spokesman went on to say that the force always takes allegations seriously and investigates all reports thoroughly.

An emergency meeting of the Kanz ul Huda organisation in Birmingham relinquished him of his position at the Al-Hikam Institute because of his “serious violations of morality” and “abuses of authority”.

The scholars did not reveal exact details of the allegations, but at an earlier hearing in February 2017, the Imam had been told to refrain from all forms of social media until permitted, pray his five times daily prayers, look for a spouse and refrain from contact with ‘Ghayr Mahram’ women.

A report outlining the findings of the emergency meeting, seen by the T&A, said the 28-year-old - who had 197,000 followers on his Facebook page before he deleted it and was a popular public speaker - breached those conditions “repeatedly” and had not heeded further warnings to adhere to them.

The report said: “We must be clear that the severity of the offences admitted and alleged are so abhorrent, had they been committed by a professional they would be instantly struck off and potentially treated criminally.

“The extent of his detestable actions makes it imperative to bring this in the public domain in order that people are made aware that the individual concerned is no longer considered fit to lead the Muslim community from a religious point of view.”

However, almost 14,000 people have now signed a petition supporting the Imam after one was set up when the decision to remove him from his position first came to light.  The online petition was initially set up in a bid to get 5,000 signatures and “stop him retreating as an Imam”, but smashed that particular target in days.

Last year Imam Hussain led calls to put an end to the reckless and illegal driving that plagues Bradford’s roads.