A MAN is receiving treatment for shock after a car ploughed into the side of his home in the early hours of Sunday, say friends.

Jay Rice was feet away from tragedy after the vehicle smashed into the end terraced Victorian two-bed property on Wakefield Road, Liversedge, at around 2.15am.

It's understood he was sat on the sofa in his living room when the car careered into the house which is understood to be privately rented.

Resident Mr Rice miraculously escaped unscathed but has been treated for shock.

The male driver meanwhile was pulled out of the car by members of the public and then rushed to hospital by Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

His injuries are not yet known although West Yorkshire Police say they are not serious.

Mr Rice was in the house with his dog - a white staffie called Rice - and another man, Andrew Walsh at the time of the crash, according to his friend Brian Schofield.

He said: “Jay was just dozing off watching TV sat on the sofa when the car smashed into the wall which then caved in on itself.

"The car landed just a few feet away. They could easily have been killed.

“He is in hospital being treated for shock.

“I saw him first thing this morning and he looked really distressed. I am due to go and see him later on.

“He lives there on his own with his dog and is the last person out of everybody you would want this to happen to."