KICKED. Spat at. Grappled. Head-butted.

These are just some of the attacks police officers in West Yorkshire have faced in the past week.

According to figures released by the West Yorkshire Police Federation, there has been 25 assaults on officers.

They include:

Eight being kicked, six being spat at, four being grappled, two officers had objects thrown at them and one was head-butted.

It was revealed last month that police officers are being attacked at an average rate of 40 every week in the county. 

1,366 police officers attacked in a year

The Police Federation, which represents every member of the police force up to the rank of Chief Inspector, revealed there had been 1,366 assaults on officers between April 2017 and April 2018.

Brian Booth, chairman of West Yorkshire Police Federation, said the attacks will not be allowed to continue.

He said: "The Police Service is struggling to keep up with demand in relation to budget cuts and lower officer numbers, we need the people of Bradford to look after their officers.

"Some individuals think that spitting at officers is acceptable, the danger of this is from the likes of Hepatitis C and the officer contracting it.

"This has a knock on effect for the officer, their family and the public.

"What is sometimes forgotten is that the officers are humans with families, can you imagine what it is like turning up to a family wedding with missing teeth and black eyes, the effects are far reaching."

Efforts to crackdown on the number of attacks seen on emergency services have been stepped up in the last 12 months.

This includes the new "Protect the Protectors" bill - which received royal assent last year and means tougher sentences for those who assault people who work in 999 teams.