A PSYCHOLOGIST from the University of Bradford has spoken to MPs about how male cancer patients need to be better supports.

Dr Pete Branney addressed the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Male Cancer, discussing three types of male cancer - testicular, prostate and penile - and what more can be done to support men suffering from cancer before and after treatment.

He said: ““Male cancer can not only be life threatening but can reduce a patient’s quality of life even after treatment.

“Penile cancer especially is not spoken about widely and there is little literature or research into how it affects a patient psychologically.

“We need to break the taboo and improve the quality of healthcare interactions, so that patients are ready and able to talk about potentially embarrassing and sensitive topics.

“Hopefully we can raise awareness and in turn improve support given to patients throughout the diagnoses, treatment and recovery stages.”

More than 50,000 men will be diagnosed with one of those three male cancers in the next 12 months, and cases are also increasing.