A PEACEFUL protest in support of school students striking today on climate change was held in Shipley town centre and supported by a number of Bradford councillors.

Organiser Jenna Spiers said: “My daughters are really concerned about the habitat for orangutans and deforestation. They see the problem of single use plastics harming our environment. I felt it would be good to work with them and show their voices could be heard and get others to join them as climate change will affect our children and they know that.”

Cllr Vick Jenkins (Labour, Shipley) whose own daughter was taking part in a |Leeds protest added: “I fully support the youth striking today all over but especially in Shipley. They want the government to declare a climate emergency and make sure the public are informed on how serious the climate issue is for everybody.”

Kevin Warnes, (Green Party, Shipley) added: “I support them 100 per cent. My daughter has also gone to Leeds today. I hope it is the first of a number of these actions and not a one-off.

"The Government and local authorities have failed this country when it comes to climate change.

"It's high time people listened to the concerns of the younger people."