THE world premiere of Queen Victoria’s life in dance comes to Leeds Grand Theatre next month

Running from March 9 to 16 in Leeds, ahead of a UK tour, this Northern Ballet production by Cathy Marston, coincides with the 200th anniversary year of the birth of one of Britain’s most iconic monarchs and tells the story of the fascinating life of Queen Victoria through the eyes of her youngest child and lifelong companion Beatrice.

Travelling back in time from Victoria’s death bed, Beatrice relives her memories of her mother as a secluded widow before discovering her anew as she transcribes the Queen’s intimate diaries. Wife, mother, lover, Empress; Victoria presents the various, often conflicting faces of this emblematic monarch.

David Nixon OBE, Artistic Director of Northern Ballet, said: ‘Queen Victoria is arguably one of the most iconic women of all time. The legacy of her extraordinary reign extends into the current day and we are privileged to be able to tell her story in dance.’

Cathy Marston said: “Victoria’s life was full of extraordinary innovations and characters and I feel very inspired by the unusual perspective of Victoria’s daughter Beatrice, from whom we hope to discover our iconic, but nevertheless elusive subject. Responsible for shaping much of what we know of Queen Victoria today, this mother/daughter relationship will be both a historically and emotionally compelling engine for our new ballet.”

Victoria is a co-production between Northern Ballet and The National Ballet of Canada. Visit or call 0844 848 2700.

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Photo: Abigail Prudames as Victoria and Joseph Taylor as Albert by Justin Slee.