During the Winter of Discontent the country was hit by a series of widespread strikes by public sector trade unions demanding larger pay rises. In Bradford, collections had stopped, and dustmen were sent home as waste disposal workers made the decision to strike, in support of the national pay claim. The strike had caused increased rat infestation and foul-smelling streets where food and waste had been left to rot.

The postal strike of 1971 started on January 20 and ended on March 4, costing the Post Office an estimated £25 million in lost revenue. The strike also overlapped with the introduction of decimal currency in the UK.

There was more to the 1970s, such as music, fashion and long, hot summers, including the continuation of the popular fashion accessory, the hot pant. Launched by the British fashion designer Mary Quant during the swinging sixties, the “short shorts” were fashionable until the early 1970s.

As the industrial unrest took its toll, comedians found the countries politics a great source of inspiration. Topping the bill at clubs around the district, Mike Yarwood, with his perfect imitation of Mr. Harold Wilson.