OPERATION Steerside has been busy again today in Bradford, with the team joining forces with the West Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Unit, Bradford South NPT and the council in cracking down on driving offences.

Today's main location was on Halifax Road, with the focus on those up to no good on the roads in the Buttershaw and Woodside areas.

Steerside's twitter account posted about two vehicles being seized in Buttershaw, with one driver reported for summons to court.

An uninsured driver was also caught out in the Bradford City area later in the day.

This followed the team's hard work in the likes of Canterbury and Shipley yesterday.

Police Sergeant Jamie Wilkinson, who is on the Bradford Steerside Enforcement Team, told the Telegraph & Argus that the operation is more than just about catching out offenders.

He explained: "We're looking to provide education and enforcement around anti-social driving in Bradford.

"Obviously this visible operation on the streets of Bradford is the enforcement side of things, but we've putting out flyers in schools too.

"We're trying to get teachers talking to older pupils about what constitutes anti-social driving, and how that includes being a passenger as well as driving.

"It's important that they learn about the health and safety aspects of anti-social driving, as well as the legal dangers."