A “THRILL-SEEKING” paedophile who abused one of his victims on a trampoline and in a swimming pool has been jailed for 19 years.

Supermarket manager Michael Cooley used his good character to hide eight years of sexual depravity against two young boys, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Cooley, 55, of St Annes Terrace, Baildon, was convicted by a jury of 18 offences, including rape of a child under 13 and multiple counts of sexual assault and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

He was brought from prison today to be labelled a dangerous offender by Judge Neil Davey QC and sentenced to a total of 20 years imprisonment, up to 19 years behind bars and 12 months on extended licence.

Judge Davey told Cooley he treated his young victims as “useable and disposable for your own sexual gratification.”

The first complainant was aged nine to 14 when he was sexually abused by Cooley.

During the trial, he told how Cooley molested him on a trampoline, in a house, in a car and in a swimming pool. The youngster said he was scared and knew what the defendant was doing was wrong.

Cooley’s second victim was aged eight and nine when he committed sexual offences against him.

The boy was abused in a car and orally raped when Cooley forced his head down.

Cooley showed him a pornographic film on his phone that featured a child of about 12 who was indecently exposed.

In their victim personal statements, the boys spoke of suffering nightmares and flashbacks. They said their schooling had been affected and their innocence taken away.

Prosecutor Nick Askins asked for a Sexual Harm Prevention Order without limit of time and Judge Davey ordered Cooley to sign on the sex offender register for life.

Cooley’s barrister, Kitty Colley, said there was little to be said in mitigation.

He was a man of previous good character, apart from a motoring offence committed 20 years ago.

“He was a hardworking man who has lost everything,” Miss Colley said.

Cooley took an overdose when his crimes came to light and he would find the inevitable lengthy prison sentence very difficult, especially as he would not know his release date.

Judge Davey said Cooley “loved risk-taking and thrill-seeking,” taking chances that he could be spotted abusing the boys.

The judge found that Cooley posed a significant risk of causing serious harm to young boys in the future.

The extended sentence means that Cooley will serve at least half of the 19 years behind bars. His release before the end of the full prison term must then be approved by the Parole Board.

Judge Davey praised the bravery of the boys in coming forward and speaking out and paid tribute to the support they received from their families and the police.

Speaking after the sentencing, Detective Constable Nicola Brook, of the Bradford District Safeguarding Unit, said: “I would like to thank the victims for their bravery in coming forward and reporting the abuse they suffered at the hands of Cooley.

“I hope today’s outcome will give them some closure and allow them to move forward with their lives.

“I also hope it will encourage other victims of sexual abuse to engage with the Bradford District Safeguarding Unit who will investigate every report sensitively and thoroughly to support the victims and bring perpetrators to justice.”