December 1972, Bradford firm Demolition and Commercial Disposals Ltd., had bulldozed more than 1,000 tons of earth for a new speed track at the junction of Mayo Avenue and Manchester Road.

Grateful for the company’s generosity, the Bradford Bees could now continue to race as the original track which laid directly in line with the proposed new M62 motorway had been regarded as unsuitable.

Excited about the new development members of the team helped to lay the hard core themselves, along with one of the firm’s employees, Mr. Phil Love.

The club was part of the West Riding Cycle Speedway Association with most of its members aged between 10 and 17.

Pictured are three of the club’s members, Stephen Cornell, Andrew Walsh and Stephen Jarvis, with Bradford wrestler Les Kellet at the helm of the bulldozer.

● Do you have any memories of the Mayo Avenue Speedway track.