A TERRIFIED driving instructor and his pupil were chased around the streets of Bradford by an infuriated driver annoyed at being held up at traffic lights.

Perwaiz Rajput, of Central Driving School, in Wibsey, claims the incident began on Scotchman Road and is one of two horrifying run-ins he has had with dangerous drivers over the last three months - leading him to label the city's roads "lawless".

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Despite being a driving instructor for 19 years, he believes the current standard of driving is the worst he has ever seen, with people regularly mounting pavements and going through red lights.

Another incident on February 3 saw a Mercedes 4x4 slam into Mr Rajput's car as they waited at a junction on Heaton Park Drive.

He claims the car was going too fast and skidded on ice before ploughing into the side of his green Mercedes A-Class and driving off, leaving the instructor with a £7,500 repair bill and unable to do his job.

"It's a miracle we survive every time we go out," he said.

"The first time was crazy. He was trying to stop us and deal with us whichever way he could.

"I didn't know what he was going to do.

"He was putting my learner in a position where it was dangerous for us to be on the road.

"He was really worried.

"When they are still learning they are under a lot of pressure and I just kept him as calm as I could.

Mr Rajput was forced to phone 999 while his car was being chased and direct police to his location, but the driver fled before officers arrived.

The crash with the Mercedes left the instructor's car with severe damage and Mr Rajput says he is now reluctant to carry on working.

He added: "This job has become impossible at times because of the way people behave on the road, especially during peak times and school runs.

"How on earth can we put up with all of this?

"It's got to a point where it is dangerous for us to teach.

"Bradford is so dangerous and lawless, especially with young boys in cars.

"We were lucky to be alive after the crash and if we had been hurt we would have been left for dead.

"I'm going to go back to driving but I'm thinking about coming out of it a lot sooner than I want because it's so dangerous.

"We get cut up every day and we will be five metres away from a junction and a driver will pull out on us."

In February of last year, Bradford’s highest-ranked judge, Jonathan Durham Hall QC, requested that West Yorkshire Police provide a “community impact statement” into the effects of dangerous driving and used it when sentencing those convicted of the crime.

The judge said its contents reinforced the belief that the district was “plagued” by those showing no regard for the rules of the road, with the risk of death and injury deemed “appallingly high”.

He told Bradford Crown Court: “We’re in the premier league for the number of fatalities and serious injuries. We’re plagued by dangerous driving, and it is only a miracle that more people are not killed, maimed, or injured. The risk of death and serious injury is appallingly high.”

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: "Enquiries are continuing to identify the suspects in both of these incidents and anyone who can assist is asked to contact the police on 101, or through our live chat facility on the West Yorkshire Police website.

“Police remain committed to working with partners to improve road safety in Bradford District and have recently introduced a dedicated team of officers to address these issues.

“These officers are working with partner agencies on regular enforcement operations, as well as educational inputs for younger people to make them aware of the consequences which can result through misuse of a vehicle.”