EX-BRADFORD university student Adam Patel is now a magician and YouTube star and he is celebrating Valentine's Day with a new stunt that combines magic and mind-reading with attraction science.

In his new video, filmed at Royal Holloway, former pharmacist Patel offers students at the University of London the opportunity to play a game inspired by popular dating app, Tinder.

He said: "I studied attraction science as part of my Masters at university and I thought it would be really interesting to try and combine that with magic for Valentine's Day."

Female participants are asked to rate a pile of male headshots in the same way as they would if they were using the Tinder dating app.

Of course, the conclusion of the game leaves the participants gobsmacked and freaked out.

Mr Patel, who was born in Keighley, laughed: "You never really know how well this kind of thing is going to work so it was fun to try.

"And when it goes how I want it to, that's just out of this world."

The Bradford magician showcases his unique style of magic on both on his YouTube channel at AdamPatel.TV; and in his live theatre shows at the Edinburgh Fringe festival and around the country.

His first major television special, Adam Patel: Real Magic, aired on Amazon Prime last year and the former Allerton resident said: "It was shown all over the world and helped get me noticed.

"I received a lot of emails and it even led to a promoter from South Africa getting in touch, but unfortunately the plans fell through."

That minor setback is not stopping Mr Patel and he has a big West Yorkshire date planned for 2019.

He said: "I'm doing a show at City Varieties in Leeds on October 17 and the tickets should go on sale next month.

"I'm still keeping up with my magic regularly and I do a lot of private events, like weddings."

For private magic performances (weddings, parties, corporate), contact Adam Patel Magic on adam@adampatelmagic.com