BRADFORD pro-EU supporters will be among an alliance of ten pro EU groups in the Yorkshire and the Humber region with plans for a series of demonstrations outside Parliament.

The events are to increase pressure on local MPs to reject outright the Prime Minister’s Brexit plans.

The first will be tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb 13, when at least 40 people from the newly-formed Yorkshire for Europe group, which includes Bradford, will travel to London with flags and banners to add their support to protests by anti-Brexit campaigners from around the country.

They will hand over a letter addressed to all 54 MPs representing constituencies in Yorkshire and the Humber to cancel Brexit by rescinding Article 50 - or to go back a People’s Vote referendum, with an option to remain.

Some MPs from the region are expected to come out to meet them for the rally, which coincides with a separate protest by Women for Europe.

Spokesperson for the group Richard Sadler said: “We know from street stalls held week after week in towns and cities across the region that people are becoming increasingly dismayed at the utter folly of the Government’s shambolic Brexit plans.

“Any form of Brexit, whether some sort of cobbled together deal or a cliff-edge no-deal Brexit, would make us all worse off and leave less money for the NHS and other vital public services.

“We know form the Government’s own leaked figures this region would take a big economic hit. Small businesses would be hit by rising import costs, and our exporters, service industry and farmers would all be severely affected.

“It’s time for MPs to say ‘enough is enough.’ If they can’t bring themselves to cancel Brexit altogether, they should put this back to the people and let them decide whether they really want this.”

Over the past year the number of pro EU groups in the region has more than doubled, with street stalls now a regular fixture in towns and cities around the region. The newest, Bradford for Europe, was launched last month at a public meeting attended by more than 50 people.