SIR - I was saddened to hear of Albert Finney's death. On Friday, February 8, I was at the Rotary Club of Bingley giving a talk on ‘Famous people I have met’.

Albert Finney and Tom Courtney filmed The Dresser at the Alhambra theatre in the early 1980s. I had just mentioned in my talk that as a young police constable, patrolling Ivegate, I met both actors, when a member of the audience saw a news flash that Albert Finney had died.

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My story goes: I recognised the two actors approaching me, even though their faces were white with shock and both appeared a bit shaky. They'd been for a drink in the Old Crown pub then the Unicorn. They said, with dramatic effect: "Officer, are we glad to see you. Where can we get a decent drink in relaxing surroundings?"

They walked with me up Ivegate and down Kirkgate to the Shoulder of Mutton pub which I told them had a snug and wasn't as loud as the two they'd been in. We parted company, the colour coming back to their faces, both giving me bows, saying: "Thank you, officer."

I failed to get their autographs, and selfies had yet to be invented.

Chris Binns, Stepping Stones, East Morton