HUNDREDS OF people of all ages were game for entertainment this weekend - whether that's trying out old games and new or seeing how fruit can power devices!

The Yorkshire Games Festival got the crowds flocking to the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford for workshops, talks, events and just plain old fun.

That was in evidence for the Let's Play Weekend which attracted game players young and old.

Festival spokesman Phil Oates said: “The Let’s Play weekend has been a wonderful two days, and brings to an end our third Yorkshire Games Festival.

“Over the past week we’ve had speakers from Yorkshire and across Europe talking about games like Wolfenstein, the upcoming PlayStation title Dreams, Jurassic World VR and much, much more.

“The weekend events celebrated the games industry throughout the north of England, and in addition to loads of opportunities to play, there was a chance to get valuable advice from the BAFTA careers bar, part of the UK’s first Young Developers Conference.”