A CONTROVERSIAL snooker club has been denied planning permission for a second time - but the owner has vowed to keep on trying.

The neighbours of Clifton Snooker Lounge, in Clifton Street, Manningham, have complained numerous times to the police and council about antisocial behaviour, including drug dealing and cars revving their engines outside the venue.

Last month, CCTV captured masked men throwing a firework from a car into the club's entrance before men armed with baseball bats came out of the lounge and ran after them.

The video showed the rocket being thrown from the car's passenger side window before exploding and shooting off in all directions and hitting parked cars.

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The shocking incident took place in broad daylight and some neighbours were planning to move out of the street in a bid to escape the chaos.

A retrospective planning application for the snooker club was turned down by Bradford Council in July, with planners saying it was detrimental to people living on the road.

It has operated without planning permission since November 2017 and council officers have now turned it down again after another application was submitted.

A Bradford Council planning document outlined the reasons for refusing the application.

A statement read "The use of the premises as a snooker hall would be detrimental to the amenities of neighbouring residents by reason of noise, vehicular activity and general disturbance, particularly late at night or at other unsocial hours.

"The issues are exacerbated as the premises has no off street parking and is thus reliant on street parking in close proximity to the residential properties."

Nadeem Mohammed, the club’s manager, said he will appeal the decision in the hope the lounge is finally given the green light.

He said: "I'm appealing against this and will be putting some boards up to protect against the noise.

"I'm also only letting in people who are members and I'm working with my neighbours."

He has previously told the Telegraph & Argus that what goes on outside the club has nothing to do with him and he set it up to give people somewhere to socialise instead of hanging around on the streets.

He claimed the firework was thrown at the club following a dispute someone had with his teenage son and Mr Mohammed reported it to police.

He also said he tells anyone causing problems with their cars to move them.

One of the Clifton Street neighbours upset by the problems said he will move his family out of the area if the antisocial behaviour does not stop soon.

They said: "I've spoken to my landlord about moving.

"People will shout and scream at each other in the street outside my home and I will have to tell them if they want to do that they will have to go inside.

"They want a reaction out of me.

"Before the snooker club my kids would go out and they would ride their bikes up and down the street, but that has stopped and it wasn't worth the headache of living here.

"If this places closes down then I wouldn't move, but if it keeps going I will be looking for somewhere else.

"It all depends on this place."