If you're waiting for the last bus and it doesn't show up, did you know you can get a taxi and get the bus company to pay for it?

It's true - at least in West Yorkshire, and if you know the three magic words: 'Bus 18 pledge'.

Those three little words will also get you a refund on your bus journey if you're not happy with it for any reason.

One passenger, who told us he'd rather remain anonymous, said he was initially told he couldn't have a refund after his First bus was late - but when he mentioned the Bus 18 Pledge, sure enough a free travel voucher was offered.

So how does it work?

Bus 18 is an initiative from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority that the three major bus operators in the county - First, Arriva and Transdev - have all signed up to.

It includes pledges to improve information and punctuality on the bus network and to reduce emissions from buses.

But most importantly for people who use the buses regularly, is the customer promise.

This has been in place since March 2017, but there's a good chance that you've never heard of it. This states that:

  • Any customers not happy with their bus journey can claim a free travel voucher from either First, Arriva or Transdev
  • Customers can call a taxi and claim the cost back from either First, Arriva or Transdev if their last bus doesn't arrive within 20 minutes of the scheduled time. They'll just need to provide a receipt for their taxi ride.

Transdev and Arriva call this the 'Bus 18 customer pledge' while First calls it the 'Bus 18 customer promise'.

To claim using Bus 18, simply contact the customer services department of the relevant bus company - and don't forget those three little words!