Club Tropicana the Musical at the Alhambra

Big perms. Tick. Leg-warmers. Tick. Rolled-up jacket sleeves. Tick. Brick-like mobile phones. Tick. Relax T-shirts. Tick

Welcome to Club Tropicana the Musical - a lively, cheeky celebration of the Eighties. And what a hoot this show is!

Heading to the Alhambra last night was like Moonwalking back to 1983. Groups of Eighties devotees in fluorescent ra-ra- skirts, fishnet tights and back-combed hair were getting into the nostalgia groove. This is a show that already seems to have its own cult following.

Set in a package holiday resort on the Costa, where the complimentary Pina Coladas flow freely and there's fun and sunshine a-plenty, this is a frothy nostalgia fest. It's not Chekhov - but why should it be? It's a couple of hours of neon-lit escapism, with tongue firmly in cheek. It's camp and colourful, with Eighties references peppered throughout - from Wincey Willis to Opal Fruits to Blind Date - and countless hits of the decade shoe-horned in. The Look of Love, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Fantastic Day, Take on Me, Just Can't Get Enough, Temptation and Physical, among others, are sung live, with a slick band. These are the much-loved songs that, for many of us in the audience, were the soundtrack of our youth, and an impressive young cast did them proud.

The action begins at a wedding that never was. Instead of tying the knot, bride-and-groom-to-be Lorraine and Olly decide to leg it to sunny climes - separately. With their pals in tow, they each jet off to Spain, and both parties end up checking into the Club Tropicana hotel.

With a romantic drama about to kick off, a hotel inspector on the prowl and a sweet love story unfolding in reception, there's plenty to keep club rep Garry (a fabulous Joe McElderry) on his toes. Joe was a revelation - he's a gifted comic actor, leaping around the stage like a gazelle and delivering rib-tickling comic asides with razor-sharp timing. A natural all-round entertainer, he's come a long way since the South Shields lad who melted hearts on X Factor. A highlight of the show was his fabulous fun Flamenco with talented Kane Verrall.

It was a treat to see the splendid Kate Robbins in action; her Spanish chambermaid Consuela was a delight - think Manuel meets Mrs Overall - and her comic impressions were priceless. As Consuela, she had the night's biggest cheers - you've never seen the theme from TV's Minder sung quite like this before!

A great comic turn too from Emily Tierney as Christine, a kind of cut-price Joan Collins in killer heels. Lovestruck hotelier Serena was beautifully played by former Sugababe Amelle Berrabah, and Neil McDermott was a dish (to quote Eighties bible Jackie magazine) as Robert.

Great performances too from Cellen Chugg Jones and Karina Hind as the wedding couple, and Rebecca Mendoza, Tara Verloop, Rory Phelan and Kane Verrall as their holiday gang.

A sunny tonic for winter nights, and an affectionate nod to the synth pop decade.

Runs until Saturday