IT all began with a brew.

Asking if there was anything she could do for her new neighbour on moving-in day, Kath Guyer ended up putting the kettle on and meeting a friend for life.

The women aren’t just good neighbours on the Baildon avenue where they live, they’ve also supported each other in their weight loss journey - and continue to do so.

Kath was Yvonne’s inspiration to join WW, the weightloss and wellness plan formerly known as Weight Watchers.

Recalls Yvonne: “Kath put the kettle on for us as soon as we moved in. They are the best neighbours we have ever had. Meeting her has changed my life because I would never have joined if it hadn’t been for Kath.”

Yvonne hadn’t always been conscious of her weight. “When I was at school I was very fit and healthy. I played a lot of hockey and sport, but when I finished school I put on a bit of weight and was bordering on a size 14.”

Interestingly, adapting what she ate and cutting things out while pregnant with her daughter, who is now eight, Yvonne actually lost weight while she was pregnant but it eventually began to creep back on.

The 45-year-old’s turning point was seeing photos taken during a family holiday in June 2016 of her wearing a tight fitting size 18 dress and weighing 15st 8 1/2lbs. Again a case of “slimming club phobia and living life on a regime led to excuses not to do anything about it.”

After chatting with Kath, Yvonne had a longing to fit into size 12 clothes and with Kath’s support she too managed to achieve her slimming goal.

“The fact that Kath was still attending workshops meant I had someone to go with every week,” says Yvonne.

In just nine months Yvonne slimmed down to a size 10-12 after losing 69 and a half pounds.

As well as adopting the WW weightloss and wellness plan, Yvonne also enjoys walking and has even joined a boot camp!

But she says she wouldn’t have done it if it hadn’t been for Kath.

“Kath is great. We joke with each other that if either of us puts on weight we will have to move!” laughs Yvonne.

“Kath was a great support and had it not been for her I don’t think I would have walked into that first meeting.”

Yvonne says even though she has got to goal she still attends meetings as stepping on someone else’s scales makes her more accountable and she is determined to stick with it.

“I am so much fitter, so much more energetic,” she says.

Now she hopes to inspire others who may be contemplating losing weight. “It’s all the cliches, it is life changing. If I could have told myself four years ago I would have done this four years ago and not two years ago - just how healthy I feel.

“The big thing is WW is not just a food plan its getting your mind set - do it for you. If you think you cannot do it you never will.”

Kath admits she was never thin. “I was a big baby and I carried on being big,” she says.

The 58-year-old’s impetus to lose weight was prompted by the realisation that her clothes were getting bigger.

Seeing photos of herself at a family wedding also contributed to Kath’s decision to do something about it.

Kath was a size 18 and weighed 14 st 11 1/2 pounds when she joined her local WW group at Baildon Methodist Church in her home village in May 2013.

Kath admits she was initially apprehensive about joining but was inspired by her success.

“I just lost weight every week,” she recalls.

In just 10 months Kath had trimmed down to 10 stone four a half pounds and was soon slipping into size 10 clothes.

Through attending WW meetings, Kath learned how to live a healthier lifestyle and break the unhealthy habit of grazing on snacks such as biscuits and crisps after her evening meal.

Instead of relying on ready meals through the week she began batch cooking healthier alternatives.

For Kath WW isn’t a diet, she can still enjoy her takeaway at the weekend but she is eating healthier and feeling better for it.

Knowing how WW had helped her achieve her weight loss goal, Kath encouraged Yvonne to attend a meeting. The pals have been going together ever since and even though they are now both gold members after both hitting their goal, they still stick to the weekly routine and are determined to do so.

“That kept me motivated because I was carrying on going. It’s like a friends group,” says Kath, referring to the friendships she has made through WW.

As well eating healthily, Kath says losing weight has also made her more active. “I became more active. My husband says I never sit down,” she says.

“I suppose in some ways I could not eat as much as I used to if somebody put a plate of food in front of me I’d struggle to eat it because I now know when I am full.”

Kath says losing weight has also given her more confidence, she is fitter and she enjoys being able to buy smaller sized clothing.

Her advice to anyone who is considering overhauling their lifestyle is to ‘give it a go.’

“It’s totally non-judgemental,” says Kath.

It’s not about doing anything wrong when you put a few pounds on, it’s learning what you can do to change it and with a group of friends who help each other.

Four years later Kath, and Yvonne - who began her slimming journey in 2016 - have maintained their svelte figures and continue to go to group.

“We needed WW to get us where we are now and don’t see any point in trying to maintain on our own, after all, this is a life choice not just a fad diet,” they say.

WW Wellness Coach Adele Wilkin, who runs the meeting where the friends attend says: “I am so proud of Kath and Yvonne

“Their total focus and determination to achieve their own weight loss goals help make the meeting fun and inspirational.

“I will continue to support and encourage them to continue with the fantastic work they have done so far to ensure they will stay on track and take control of their goals for good”.

Adele Wilkin’s group meets at Baildon Methodist Church every Thursday at 10am and 6pm. For more information, or to get involved, with WW call 0345 345 1500 or visit