PLANS to install parking restrictions around a Bradford industrial estate have been withdrawn after objections by people who work there.

Bradford Council had proposed installing restrictions preventing cars from parking on Commondale Way, on the Euroway Trading Estate between 6am and 6pm on all days.

Restrictions would prevent cars parking on both sides of the street.

Officers said the changes would make it easier for vehicles to make deliveries to the estate, but numerous staff who work at the site objected.

Speed limit reduction on Thornton Road approved by Councillors

At a meeting of the Bradford South Area Committee on Thursday night Councillors were told by objectors that the restrictions would make it impossible for staff to park near their places of work, and there was little alternative transport to the site.

Councillor David Warburton (Lab, Wyke) said he knew the area well, adding: "There is no other alternative for people to get there other than driving. There is no bus service other than a long walk away, and although there is a train station there is limited service there."

The plans were then withdrawn for further consideration.