A PUB has been issued with an enforcement notice over claims it is holding weddings and other functions without planning permission - with Bradford Council claiming the set-up “causes significant harm” to a historic battlefield.

But the company that runs The 6 Acres on the border of Tong and Drighlington, says it “does not accept” that the use of the site as a function venue is unauthorised, and are “confident” of its legality.

The pub, on Westgate Hill Street, overlooks the Adwalton Moor historic battlefield - the site of a key Civil War battle. The Battlefields Trust says the land is a “nationally important” historic site.

There are currently two large marquees on a field to the rear of the pub’s car park that are used to host weddings and other events.

The pub’s website describes it as “one of the most elegant wedding venues in West Yorkshire.”

Upcoming events include an evening with boxing superstar Tyson Fury next month.

The pub is owned by L&C Leisure Limited.

But Bradford Council claims that this use of the site is unauthorised, and recently served the business with two different enforcement notices.

One enforcement notice is against the site being used as a wedding and events venue, and the other is against “the formation of a raised development platform and two marquees.”

An enforcement notice is one of the tools a Council can use to deal with a business or individual they feel has breached planning rules, and require them to return an area or building to its original state before the unauthorised work was done.

One of the enforcement notices issued to The 6 Acres says: “Following complaints received in this office, a site visit revealed that a substantial area of field adjacent the above public house car park, had been changed to a entertainment, wedding and events venue associated to the public house use.

“The land is located in the greenbelt and within a site of a historic battlefield.

“The use of the land for the aforementioned purpose does not benefit from planning permission and is unauthorised; it is an inappropriate and unsustainable use within the greenbelt harming the openness and character of the greenbelt.

“The use and development causes significant harm to the historic battlefield heritage asset and also causes noise and disturbance associated with the use harms the amenity of nearby residential property.”

The notices call for the company to “cease the unauthorised change of use of the land” and “remove from the land all marquees, plastic turf, equipment and materials associated with the unauthorised use of the land.”

They say the notice will take effect on March 5 unless an appeal is made beforehand.

A spokesman for the company said: “The company do not accept that there has been any unauthorised use of the site as a function venue.

“The company accept that there are matters ongoing between themselves and the local authority in relation to a number of planning issues that have been raised by the local authority.

“The company is however confident as to its position and the legality of its functions and actions.”

A Bradford Council spokesman said: “It is important property owners understand and stick to planning agreements covering land use.

“The Council has served two enforcement notices requiring the owners of the adjoining property to The 6 Acres pub in Tong to stop using it in this way, remove the two marquees and equipment, and restore the land.

“We will be working with the owners to ensure this happens within the required times.

“A retrospective planning application was submitted on January 17 this year, however, it is currently invalid.

“No planning appeal has yet to be formally registered by the Planning Inspectorate.”

In 1643 Adwalton Moor was the scene of a major Civil War battle between 10,000 men led by the Earl of Newcastle and 4,000 men led by the Fairfax family, who were attempting to defend Bradford from a Royalist advance.

The battle is considered one of the most significant Civil War battles in the North.

A spokesman for The Battlefields Trust told the Telegraph & Argus: “The Battlefields Trust supports the Council’s action in enforcing planning rules on this nationally important battlefield.”