A FORMER Bradford MP has moved to clear up confusion surrounding his membership of the Liberal Democrat party.

Councillor David Ward, who served Bradford East from 2010 to 2015, was kicked out of the party before the 2017 General Election in a row over anti-semitism.

He said he had applied to have his membership reinstated and that he would be a member again when he sends off his application form.

Cllr Ward said both the Bradford and Yorkshire parties had said he should be allowed to re-apply for his membership.

The Regional Parties Committee in London had initially rejected his membership application, but last week they overturned their decision on appeal.

One of the rulings, seen by the Telegraph & Argus, said: “In acting as it did, the Regional Parties Committee took on a responsibility that the English Party had devolved to the Regional Party. Accordingly, the decision to refuse membership is overturned.”

The ruling, according to Cllr Ward, has cleared the way for him to re-join the party.

Cllr Ward said a very senior member of the national party had told him all he has to do now is follow the application process to become a member once more.

He said: “Their advice is to fill out a form, send the money and a statement from the local and regional parties and I can have a membership number.

“The decision to reject my application was overturned, but now it is just a formality.

“Constitutionally they will have to agree to it and it will be put through the process.

“I have crossed the biggest hurdle in the Regional Parties Committee not accepting my membership being overturned.

“I am now free to submit my application and get my membership number back.

“I have sought advice from the party at a regional and national level about what the ruling means and they have said all I have to do now is submit my application and it will go through.

“People clearly don’t want me in the party, but I have always had the support of the regional party.”

Cllr Ward lost his seat to the current Bradford East MP Imran Hussain in 2015, and former party leader Tim Farron stopped him from running as a candidate in the snap General Election of June 2017.

He fell out with Mr Farron over allegations of anti-semitism and he still believes he should never have been forced to step down from running in the election.

However, the idea of Cllr Ward returning to the party has disappointed some groups, who are still upset about the former MPs remarks.

Amanda Bowman, vice-president for the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said: “We were concerned to hear reports that serial offender David Ward has been readmitted to the Liberal Democrats.

“We have spoken to head office who have reassured us that this is not the case.

“Based on his record of anti-semitic comments we expect that the Liberal Democrats will do the right thing and not readmit him in the future.”

When asked by the T&A today to verify Cllr Ward’s claims about his membership, the Liberal Democrats said: “David Ward is not a member of the Liberal Democrats and was previously expelled from the party for bringing it into disrepute.”