IN April 1975, residents of the Holme Wood Estate staged a protest over the speed of which some vehicles were using on Broadstone Way and the general dangerous nature of the road.

Two separate groups had blocked a half mile stretch of road and the drivers of approaching vehicles, including some people living on the estate, were jeered.

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Some cars were kicked, and others were jumped on by protestors during the second demonstration in 24 hours, following a road accident in which two girls aged six and seven had been struck by a car at the junction of Broadstone Way and Knowles Lane.

Twenty policemen, including Task Force officers, were called to the estate after trouble flared. Commenting at the scene Supt. William Croft, said: "That this had started as a peaceful demonstration, like the one on Sunday.

But things did develop and got rather out of hand, some of the people who attended were not representative of the Tenants’ Association. We think people from outside the estate could have caused a lot of the trouble.”