PLANS have been submitted to Bradford Council for permission for a new housing development on an Green Belt site in Apperley Bridge.

The application is for outline planning permission to build nine houses on an area of green scrubland off Apperley Lane, opposite Woodhouse Grove School’s Bronte House School and around 50 metres from the railway line.

AL Properties, which has submitted the plans, aims to build nine houses, each with two parking spaces, on Green Belt land, but claims it would have “limited impact” on the Green Belt, and there is not enough non-green belt land in Bradford to meet demand for housing.

A number of objections have been received from local residents, many of whom stated the number of developments in the area is causing major traffic problems, and there are also not enough doctors, dentist or school places to meet demand.

Highways officers from Bradford Council also said they could not support the development due to safety concerns it would raise trying to enter and exit the new development.

Katie Siddron, of Bateson Street, Apperley Bridge, said: "In the past two years I have seen a massive increase to traffic, lack of school places, doctors and dental admissions in the area for my immediate family not to mention the growing community.

"This is a small area but the rate of growth is quite frankly worrying at the current rate. Whilst I understand growth to the area and a few of the benefits it may have, there doesn't seem to be any plans to accommodate certain necessaries to facilitate this growth.

"It will ultimately be the residents who suffer so perhaps more thought could be put into providing services for the area before any further plans are given the go ahead.

"The area is almost fit to burst as it is with traffic problems becoming increasingly alarming and lack of schools, doctors, etc."

Sue Evans, of Roundhead Fold, added: "The amount of development in the last two years has been phenomenal, increasing traffic, footfall and demands on local resources that cannot support the increases.

"Schools, doctors, dentists, highways and local amenities cannot support the increased population.

"The road at this point is dangerous with people accessing and leaving Woodhouse Grove/Bronte House School. There have been a number of RTA on the bends on the road in this area.

"Absolute madness that the authority keep passing planning applications for this area - it is not affordable housing so that cannot be used as an excuse! This area has already reached saturation point."