NEW figures have revealed the shocking attacks that our police officers are put through on a daily basis while trying to keep the public safe.

West Yorkshire Police Federation has revealed the statistics from the past week, which show there have been 34 assaults on police officers across the county, and four attacks on other police staff.

The most common type of assault officers have to put up with from criminals is spitting, with 13 officers and one member of police staff spat at in the past seven days.

Kicking officers was the next most common act of cowardice from offenders, with 11 officers being kicked and two police staff.

Eight officers were grappled with or had bodily force used against them, as did one member of police staff.

Five officers were punched, five officers were bitten, and three were the targets of headbutts.

West Yorkshire Police Federation described the figures as "another set of sad statistics".

The Police Federation has been a leading force in the Protect the Protectors campaign, a campaign Bradford South MP Judith Cummins has also been a leading voice on in Parliament.

The campaign aims to safeguard the physical and mental wellbeing of police officers and emergency services staff, and last November thanks to the campaign a new law came into effect doubling the maximum sentence for assaults on emergency services workers from six to 12 months.