BRADFORD Cathedral is launching its “100 for 100” appeal today and is looking for 100 volunteers in its Centenary year to sign up to the many opportunities available.

The “100 for 100” appeal invites people in Bradford and beyond to come along to one of Yorkshire’s hidden gems in order to get involved with its many volunteering opportunities.

There are volunteering roles within the Cathedral to suit a wide range of interests and skills, such as becoming a welcomer, who greets visitors and shares information; joining the bell ringing team or the choir; providing technical support at events or working in the hospitality team; joining the eco-Cathedral group; becoming part of the flower arranging team or working in the gardens.

Other roles include assisting the education team with school visits or working on research or within the archive.

“We’re flexible so if people come in with fresh and new ideas, we could use those,” says Residentiary Canon, the Rev Canon Mandy Coutts.

The official launch of the “100 for 100” appeal will be during the morning service today where there will be a chance to meet the team and ask questions, as well as some of the current volunteers. There you can also meet heritage outreach and resources officer, Charlie Murray, and director of education and visitors, Maggie Myers, to find out more.

Charlie Murray said: “There’ll be opportunities to sign up on the Sunday and also on our website.”

The Cathedral is appealing for volunteers to help it meets its aims of welcoming new people into the Cathedral as well as supporting everything that goes on for those already involved.

“Hospitality is one of our three core values, and increasing our volunteer base will enable the Cathedral to welcome more visitors and worshippers, as well as enhancing the experience of all who come here,” said Maggie Myers.

Canon Mandy said: “We love the idea of sharing this amazing space. The Cathedral has a got a rich history because of the people who have volunteered here and worshipped here. It’s a fun, friendly and safe place to volunteer and work.

“It’s about being part of a vibrant, thriving, living history and future. It’s creating stories that people in 100 years’ time will look back on and be amazed by.”

Volunteering at Bradford Cathedral also has social benefits. Maggie Myers added: “People can volunteer in twos and threes. It’s often easier and nicer to try something new with one or two of your friends, rather than on your own.”

The “100 for 100” appeal has many benefits for those looking to take part. As well as being a boost for your CV, the roles offer a great sense of community as well as new opportunities. Canon Mandy said: “It’s a great way to build friendship groups; you are coming into a place which is very much loved and cherished, and has a feel-good factor to it.”

Maggie Myers said: “If you’re interested in art, religious or social history, stained glass, monuments, architecture… there are such a lot of interesting examples and information in the Cathedral that you could really develop that interest, and who knows where that might lead you!"

Volunteering is an exciting way to learn new skills, meet new people and discover new places, and there’s no better time to discover what Bradford Cathedral can offer than in its Centenary year.

Charlie Murray said: “It’s very enjoyable to be part of the community we have here. People don’t give their time up if it’s not fun, and we have many volunteers who enjoy themselves a lot!”

Maggie Myers said: “The Cathedral is the oldest building in the city of Bradford, and it’s in the heart [of the city]. There’s something for everyone at Bradford Cathedral.”