A BRADFORD school has been told it does not require permission from the Council to build a new mezzanine floor in its dining hall.

Immanuel College, in Leeds Road, Thackley, submitted plans to Bradford Council for the new dining area, and has been told it can carry out the work.

Currently the school has a large dining hall, with seating for up to 300 people, and a small mezzanine floor for Sixth Form students, with seating for 82 people.

Under the plans submitted, the school is planning to extend the mezzanine floor the entire length of the dining hall, with new stairs up to the mezzanine floor, and also rearrange seating in the hall.

The new set-up would create 335 new seats in the dining hall, with 639 seats in the general school dining hall and 78 in the Sixth Form area.

In response to the application, planning officer Amin Ibrar said: “The proposed mezzanine floor space is encompassed within the existing school buildings and does not affect the buildings external appearance.

“As a consequence it is not considered to be development.”

The expansion of the dining hall can now go ahead.