A SENIOR firefighter has warned residents about owning old appliances after they were called out to deal with an over-heating fridge leaking gas.

A crew from Fairweather Green fire station were called to a home in Rudding Crescent, Allerton, at 11pm on Wednesday when the woman inside the home smelt gas.

She phoned 999 and waited outside the home for firefighters to arrive.

While there was no fire, watch commander Tim Pallister said residents should get any old appliances checked regularly.

He said: "It had the potential to be serious.

"The fridge was 20-years-old and had come to the end of its life.  It over-heated and started to release fridge gas.

"The gas wasn't harmful, but she had to leave the house due to the smell and phone the fire service.

"We would recommend you get your old appliances checked out by an electrician or get them checked periodically."

Firefighters also installed smoke alarms inside the home after they discovered the detectors were not working properly.